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Thread: MNA possible strike

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    MNA possible strike

    Have any of you heard about this/followed this? Very scary right now. May 19th the nurses vote on the possible strike. The metro nurses have basically refused to negotiate. They have 1 meeting left, and not one point has been negotiated. If they strike- this will be the biggest nursing strike in history. There are currently 12,000 nurses in this contract.

    I am in a rural area, and while we are MNA...we are not involved in this nursing contract. It's worrisome though, because we are affiliated with the same hospital chain that is refusing to negotiate- so we aren't sure what'll happen come fall when our contract is up.

    I strongly believe in what the nurses are asking for...and yet what is really worth ruining your credit, losing all that pay, and leaving patients with substandard care?

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    Re: MNA possible strike

    I hear you, April. Having seen many strikes around my area, all I have heard is, 'When do we see the $$?' I think the higher ups do....

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