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Thread: Nurse Compact in Alaska's Future?

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    Nurse Compact in Alaska's Future?

    Hi, all!

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if Alaska has made any solid moves toward becoming a Nurse Compact state for RN's & LPN's? My internet search has yielded minimal results on this.

    It seems I see that Alaska is not currently a compact state, but that it has at least entertained the idea. I would like this, as I have a child and four grandchildren in Alaska, and would like to visit for extended periods and work as a traveler if at all possible.

    LightSister Diana

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    Re: Nurse Compact in Alaska's Future?

    MO and IL have talked about the same thing. Only problem is, what about the states that require CEU's?


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    Re: Nurse Compact in Alaska's Future?

    If you are compacted, you are still responsible for each states required CEUs. My home state is AR, I am licensed also in FL and CA. I am required to have Florida's CEUs in domestic violence and HIV and whatever is the other one I cannot remember! If I want to work in another compact state, then it is my responsibility to check and see what they require and also when it is required (like before I work there or before a certain amount of time passes).

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