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Thread: Interested in Army nursing

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    Interested in Army nursing

    I read the Army Reserve website that had some info on nursing careers. It said something about being assigned at a unit near home but you may work at a local civilian hospital, Army hospital nearby, etc. Can someone shed some light on that? Do you get a choice? I believe the nearest Army hospital to me (DFW area) is about 3 1/2 or so hours away (Ft Sill & Ft Hood).


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    Re: Interested in Army nursing

    Welcome to the site, bluelineman! Our Forum Mod, SoldierNurse, is the best to answer any and all of your questions. He'll be around soon.

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    Re: Interested in Army nursing

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    When becoming a member in the Army Reserve Component as a TPU Soldier the common practice is an assignment close to home. I can tell you of two AMEDD RC units at Ft Sam Houston (San Antonio); 5501st USAH & 228th CSH. The 228th does not support BAMC. The last time the 228th was mobilized to active duty they deployed to Iraq. The 5501st use to have mission of backfill to BAMC. Also, on most Saturdays of a battle assembly, aka drill weekend, 5501st reservist duty day is at BAMC.

    Thanks for the info!!

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