Thought that this might be something you should know, if you were thinking of the program:

College of Western Idaho has suspended its practical nursing program because local job placement and opportunities for clinical experience have decreased.

The 40 students in the program will be allowed to complete it. But the school will not take new applications. CWI's registered nursing program will continue.

Practical nurses provide hand-on nursing care in non-acute facilities such as long-term health care facilities and physician offices.

"The decision to suspend the (practical nursing) program was based on CWIs commitment to provide students the most applicable education for the marketplace, said CWI President Bert Glandon. We must remain flexible and in-line with industry demands and standards."

CWI staff in the practical nurse program will go into the school's registered nursing program.

"We will continue to provide quality healthcare education and work closely with the community to meet career demands," Glandon said.