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Thread: What are Clinicals really like?

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    What are Clinicals really like?

    I'm a pre-nursing major in NJ. Everybody in the nursing program says that clinicals are really bad and hard, but nobody has anything else to say about it. What are they like? Are they really all that bad? Any insight would be appreciated.

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    You put what you've learned into practice, my dear.

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    I enjoyed clinicals the most, well maybe not OB/GYN, while in nursing school. HATED those multiple choice exams. However, they did a good prep on us for the NCLEX.
    Cary James Barrett, RN, BSN

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    I liked clinical's of course they were hard but anything worth doing has an element of difficulty. Still as hard as it is it's nothing like yoiur first day as a nurse with 8 patients. (lol)

    A lot depends on your instructor - a good instructor means a lot during clinicals. Just pay attention and make sure you do your prep work and you will be fine.

    Peace and Namaste

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    Humm, great question.

    Clinical is a time to pull together the things that are being learned in Fundamentals [other courses], and skills check-off to give care to our patients. It is up to you to seek out skills to do, too. Please make sure you make time of getting information on your patients before going to clinical. Learn about your patients diagnoses, drugs, etc. Seek information on tests, procedures, and medication ,etc, that goes hand in hand with why your patient is on such.....

    It was exciting and fun and scary all rolled up in one. But, the rewards of finishing school and passing boards [NCLEX] will only be the begining.

    Much success to you.

    It is alright to get tired, but, never give up."

    Proud Grancama!

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