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Thread: Interview advice - Duke ABSN program

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    Interview advice - Duke ABSN program

    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and I've really enjoyed reading around so far! I've applied for Duke's 2011 spring ABSN program and my interview is on August 6th! I'm so excited, but also quite nervous. I was wondering if anyone had advice for me about what kind of questions they might ask or how I can prep! Any tips or advice would be great! Thanks so much

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    Welcome, glad you could join us. BTW, what is ABSN? I know AAS Nursing, aka ADN, and BSN but ABSN?

    On your interview;

    Answer the specific question asked. In otherwords, don't take a paragraph of words when a mere sentence would have been more appropriate.

    Also, usually better to supply just enough to answer the question. This is different than above in that this point being don't respond with additional info not related to the question.

    Be prepared for generic questions like; why do you want to be a nurse?, want are your short term & long term goals?

    Most important, reeeeeelax and treat the interview as an everyday conversation with someone you respect.

    Good luck!
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