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    first timer

    Hello !!! Finally, I can write something here. Ok, I am a first-timer and had a hard time to get a job- didn't even have a chance to get an interview- but caught one out of 30. Right after I accepted the position, but not signed yet, I was proposed 2 interviews. I refused one but not the other one yet. The assignment is required taking calls other than that ok. Now I am confused whether I sign or not and taking an interview and waiting for another one. .....

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    Hello. I am not a HH nurse, but congratulations on getting the interviews.

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    If it is home health jobs you are talking about, you can be employed by more than one agency if you are doing extended care. You just work the schedule of one case around the schedule of any other cases that you may take on, to add up to as many hours/shifts a week that you want to work. Best wishes.

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