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Thread: New to travel nursing...recommendations on agencies

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    New to travel nursing...recommendations on agencies

    I have been an ICU nurse for 5 years and have decided to start travel nursing. Im a little overwhelmed by all the different agencies and the horror stories about them. Any recommendations on good agencies? I have been contacted by American mobile healthcare, Healthone Staffing, and Clinical one. Has anyone had experience with these agencies?
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    Clinical One is a good company according to travel nurses I met.
    AVOID AMN............. Check out RN Network, Medical Solutions web site for their job listings. Cross country is pretty good and has alot of jobs.
    Make sure you really feel comfortable with the recruiter because they make or break the assignment.
    Take your time and READ the contract before you sign it, every line, and make changes if need be. And keep asking us questions. You want to have a fun assignment not a nightmare

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    Be prepared to turn down a bad contract! Figure out what you need, and include it in your contract! Avoid Cross Country.
    Remember that all agencies work for the client (hospital), not the nurse. Nurses can be replaced, the contract ,hopefully, for them, keeps going...remember that, and you won't get hurt.

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    I am getting ready to do my first traveling assignment. Any comments on Emerald health care?

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    I have traveled with Freedom Healthcare Staffing since 2008 and they are amazing. I have has assignments with other companies intermittently and Freedom is BY FAR the best I've traveled with. My recruiter is Angela, 303-261-1340. Tell her Rebecca Patterson referred you. They are really great!

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