I am a Correctional RN with over 25 Years in Corrections, 35 in nursing and at one time was CCHP certified. RN license in Fl. and Ca.and I have applied for my NY license June11th, which should be here shortly, as soon as California uses their archaic snail mail, hand processed procedure and verifies my license to NY (the only thing holding me up). I have worked locally in Florida Dept of Corrections in various levels of facilities in every area from Psych to ER to infirmary to Infection Control, mostly as per deim or OPS. I took a travel assignment to California and worked in 2 prisons in 2006 and I am seeking a corrections travel assignment in the Greater NY area. I will NOT have a car and will need to travel to work by transit. I am well acquainted with the Greater NY area, meaning the 5 borroughs. Please do not contact me if you do not have a travel assignment that fits this criteria. I will be available as soon as my license for NY is issued. Thanks for your time. I'll take the sweetest deal immediately