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Thread: Big Demand For More Male Nurses

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayakingsteve View Post
    No need to butt out. Sometimes I just try to find some "fellowship" with other guys because I get estrogen overload at work, but some of the best docs I worked for have been women too, everything should be merit based in the end!
    I agree. We all face a bit of sexism as men in the nursing world but, it should be merit based. Luckily, where I work it is and I don't deal with any mockery. I have in the past but, overall, when I do my job well, all questions and speculations are dropped.

    It can be hard to face adversity in the work place, and I hear ya, sometimes I just want some fellowship with guys over the (wonderful) women I work with.

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    Interesting thing, this gender-related behavior is. How much of it is socialization and how much of it is truly hormonal? We've all seen pretty aggressive, typically male behavior, being demonstrated by women as well as tender, gentle caring, typically female behavior demonstrated by men. Irrespective of their physical characteristics, are these people "feminized" or "masculinized"? Would it mean more or less if the masculinized woman appeared ultra feminine and vice-versa?

    I'm a very masculine, heterosexyal male who has always been very empathic, meaning that I easily feel others' emotions. When opportunity is there for me to be comforting and caring to anyone, male and female, I take it. My offers have often surprised the recipients, never been rejected and usually bring about strong and appreciative responses. I think society is desparate for caring and sensitive men.


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    Male patients should be offered the same respectful care that women receive. Take a look at
    hospital core values and the patient bill of rights. A male patient should recieve the same respect
    that women receive when they get a mammogram. No males there leering at them while they are
    changing and pornography plastered all over the bathroom walls. Yes I have seen and experienced
    this. Nude male pictures covering the walls from playgirl magazine, no privacy offered while changing.
    If you look through the Internet you will see there are more and more privacy violations toward
    male patients. At one hospital in the news nursing staff took pics with their cell phone of a male
    patients penis. Four staffers were fired,sadly the patient died the next day. Yes, we need more
    male nurses.

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    Male nurses are also able to carry heavy loads.

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