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Thread: Any advice or reassurance?? Anything? thoughts?

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    Any advice or reassurance?? Anything? thoughts?

    I am an RN working in Oklahoma and I have been a nurse for about a year and a half.
    I made a big mistake about 3 weeks ago when I went out with a co worker for a few drinks, didn't get wasted or anything like that, just a casual night out. We were home in bed by midnight knowing we both had to work in the morning. We went in to work like a normal day, had a little headache and were a little dehydrated but not bad. We joked around all morning between us and our coworkers and charge nurse that it would be funny to get a saline bolus, see what our patients go through and see how much better we would feel. Our charge nurse laughed about it and said yeah, go for it, it would probably make you feel good. So eventually after a lot of kidding around, we did it. Another nurse on the unit started our IV's and we hooked each other up to a liter of saline, one after the other. We know it was wrong and we shouldn't have done it, but at the time it didn't really seem like a big deal since everyone was joking around about it. 2 weeks later my charge nurse turned us in to upper level management. We are now both being terminated and being reported to the board of nursing... I have no idea what to expect or what to do in the mean time... Is there anyone out there that can give me some kind of advice of what to do? Anything?

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    Look for another job and wait to see if they really did report you to the BON. If so, doubt too much will come of it.

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    And here we have another example of how the politically correct society kills each other. I have been a nurse for 26 years. We used to do that to each other all the dang time. Sorry that it has become grounds for your termination. Get another job, move on life lesson learned. Facing a board of nursing on this issue well - you will just have to see what comes of it. BTW -- that charge nurse sucks as a person, little ladder climbing, stab you in the back biotch.

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    Hindsight is always 20/20.

    The thing that may get you here is rendering treatment without a physician order. I don't know what that can do to your license so look into it. In the grand scheme of things, you are both consenting adults and the procedure(s) were performed correctly, were appropriate for the condition(s), were supervised by licensed professionals and yielded the expected positive outcome(s). Essentially, no harm done but rather, good. On the other hand, hopefully you reported your patients off to other RNs and the nurse/patient ratio on the unit was acceptable while you both were taking on volume. If that was all good, the patient neglect charge can be avoided. Once you get through the BON, your employer may have something to say about professional conduct or misuse/misappropriation of supplies read- you stole stuff. As bleak as this sounds, maybe it will all be okay, too. Hopefully your work record is otherwise good and your colleagues speak well of you. When it comes time to appear for questioning, make sure you are well groomed and dress professionally. Be knowledgeable about which regulations you violated, behave somberly and appear genuinely remorseful. A good outcome would be probation but you already know your license may be suspended for a period of time. Adding insult to injury, you've already been told you could be terminated too. While this is all very painful, you will live through it and come out all the wiser.

    Even with everything blown up like this, the worst thing you can do now is to beat yourself up. I know it doesn't make things better but let me say that I'm glad you were safe and not infusing other things. This process will take a long time to complete so do yourself a favor and make sure you hang around with positive and supportive people while going through it all. It's a heavy price to pay for a playful moment but you know how serious the potential is here.

    Please keep us posted here and, good luck,


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    As a person who has had seriouse contact with the BON I'm going to play devil's advocate. It may all come to nothing but if the board decides that this occurred because your behavior the night before left you impaired. You may be in for some serious trouble. I would consult a lawyer familiar with licensing issues. Many nurses who are not alcoholics have ended up in 5 year programs from a
    1st and only DUI. If you have any history of problem drinking or have joked in the past with your charge and/or other nurses about hangovers this could hurt you.

    As some have said here - nothing may come of this. There is a posibility of having your license suspended or revoked for practicing medicine without a license. The other posibility is that your BON could see this as the poor judgement of an impaired nurse which could land you in a diversion or probation program.

    Live and learn and move forward but do discuss this with a lawyer before you go before the BON or sign any "Voluntary" agreements.

    While all is well with me today - 7 years ago I lost a job I loved due to stupid suicidal behavior that stemmed from a few (well a lot) too many drinks. I was never drunk at work - but I ended up in the ER of the hospital where I worked. I ended up in a 5 year diversion program.

    Bear in mind that this too shall pass - just make sure you know your legal rights before you go in front of your BON!

    Peace and Namaste


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