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Thread: Paramedic to RN -- I did it!!

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    What exciting news to read! Welcome to the world of nursing.

    Are you working ER, critical care, Flight nursing? All the best.

    Quote Originally Posted by badphish View Post
    passed the NCLEX 75 questions in 45 mins i owned it.

    It is alright to get tired, but, never give up."

    Proud Grancama!

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    UPDATE: i got a great Job at a very BUSY ER. i get set loose in 1 week. I work with some awesome people. having a great time being overwhelmed. working the night shift yay.

    ER RN

    ambulance driver

    "when it matters most"

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    Glad to hear the good news, Badphish! You'll keep us updated on any new ER news, right?

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