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Thread: New Nurse wants to travel.

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    New Nurse wants to travel.

    I will be graduating from Nursing School as an A.D.N. (RN) soon. I have been a CNA before. I am currently a Paramedic with 3 years experience. The gap between an RN and Paramedic is quite small, but there are a lot of misconceptions in Nursing about what we do as far as assessment, skills, and medications; which actually parallels a P.A. more than an RN.

    Anyway, my question is: What kind and how much experience do most travel agencies look for? I realize it's mainly up to the customer hospital, but do new grads get assignments too?
    Would a hospital or agency ever consider Paramedic experience to count for ER assignments that require "nursing experience"?


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    At least 1 year experience for the company policy. BUt alot of hospitals want the travler to have a few years. I've seen postings that want 5 years. Anyway, the paramedic experience will help because you probably have IV skills and and OF course the CPR hands on.
    Are you looking to work in the ER? Maybe you will only need 1 year. Good luck!

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