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Two of Louisville's nursing schools announced on Thursday a new articulation agreement to help graduates better their education and at the same time, provide better care for our community. Spalding University and Galen College of Nursing will now work together as partners to allow graduates of Galen's associate degree program in nursing to transfer their credits to Spalding to further their nursing education.

"I believe that all of us as citizens of the greater Louisville area are going to benefit from advanced education and training and especially the patients they take care of," said Mark A. Vogt, president of Galen College of Nursing.

Currently Galen only offers an associates degree in nursing along with an L.P.N. Program. With this new partnership, associate degree graduates can expand on their degree at Spalding, which is something that Galen graduate Jeff Cummings is thrilled about.

"I'm very excited about it. I've been looking forward to going on and getting my bachelors degree in nursing, as you know Galen only offers the {associates degree} so I'm actually very, very excited about it."

Spalding University president Tori Murden McClure says that this partnership is a little unique in Louisville, where a not-for profit school such as Spalding accepts credits from a for-profit institution such as Galen. She says some people may question that but she says it's in the best interest of the students.

"It's about improving education for the community, it's about all of us going out and doing our best for each other and that's why we're willing to take on credits from Galen. That's why Spalding is willing to be innovative and explore ways to promote education in all its forms."

Current and past graduates of Galen College of Nursing's R. N. Programs are eligible to take part in the new program. Spalding has new classes starting every six weeks.