I'll finish my studies and pass my boards to become a licensed RN this December. I'm already a firefighter and an EMT with disaster recovery and NIMS experience. As part of my previous career I've traveled and worked all over the planet. Basically, I'm an adrenalin junkie who wants to travel to the most obscure and interesting locations and preferably work in an emergency environment.

My question is simple. I'm really interested in being a travel nurse straight out of school. Is this even possible?

I'm very serious about wanting to go to the places no one else wants to go to. I'd love a stint on an oil rig in the North Sea, or on a military base in Afghanistan. I'd kill to spend time on a research vessel in some distant ocean. The middle of Africa? Haiti? No problem.

What I'm wondering is will my willingness to work the dirty jobs overcome my lack of RN experience? Which recruiters are willing to work with green nurses?