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    LPN Jobs

    I've heard hospitals only hire RNs and doctor offices hire LPNs but many are now leaning to medical assistants to save money. Are the majority of LPNs hired for long term care now?

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    LPN/LVNs also get a lot of work in home health.

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    Thanks Cali. That's good to know. I'm a CNA now and am taking pre-requisites for LPN.

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    It really depends on the health care system. I have met some LPN's working in the emergency room setting of some very notable systems. The LPN scope of practice is large enough to make them VERY useful in many different settings, BUT your professional discipline, performance and knowledge base are really in line to be scrutinized closely when on a team with physicians, RN's and other health care professionals. So if you are being interviewed or are already employed with a large system, you really want to do your profession justice and have your game face on at all times.

    Having the reputation of being VERY competent goes a long way and can open many doors for you.

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    Thanks Trimed. This sounds like very good advice that I'll take to heart. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been pretty busy with work and school.

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    Glad to know you're still out there, orange_dolphin! Dtop by when you are able to.

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