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    Question Return to work

    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I was here last. I would like to present a question and get some feedback on a nursing issue. I have been a RN for 16 yrs. Mainly LTAC, Step-down and tele. I have not worked in about 2 1/2 yrs. I still hold an active LA RN license. I am ready to return to work but I am afraid that since I haven't worked in awhile this is going to create problems. I don't feel there are any skills that I can't pick back up quickly once back on the floor. I may be open to the possibility of relocating if necessary. Also, are there any alternative opportunities out there for nurses who may not want to go back to a hospital/floor setting. I would like something where I will have patient contact. No QA or insurance physicals, etc. I would love to work with traumatic brain injury patients or "at risk" youth/substance abuse. I appreciate any feedback or ideas that you can give. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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    You shouldn't have much of a problem after less than three years out. I think you could find it easier to get a job in a home health agency. They are usually looking for nurses at any given time.

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    Question return to work

    Right now that is a problem. I do not have transportation. I have a way to get to and from work, but not for anything home health or prn. Thanks for replying.

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    BTW, donna----I copied this post to another Forum for mor exposure. Hope you don't mind.

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    Smile return to work

    Thanks, i appreciate it. I need all the help I can get!

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    Hi Donna,

    Welcome back. Like the others, I don't think you'll have any trouble functioning but I do think you will be cought up in the job shortage. You will have to canvas the broadest possible area with resumes to get offers. Being as flexible as you are is an asset. Good luck and keep us posted.


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    Smile return to work

    Thanks for the comments. Keep me in mind if you hear of anything that might would work out for me. I will keep ya'll posted on my job quest. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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    I had some health issues that put me in a wheelchair for over 3 years. I recently returned to work after being totally disabled for 6 yrs. I have found that I can still work circles around a good many nurses who have never been out of the clinical area. I guess it is like riding a bicycle, you never forget how Best of luck to you.

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    I worked in drug rehab and psych for five years. I liked it a lot but ultimately left because there is very little opportunity for advancement and the chronic nature of mental illness and drug addiction can wear on you.The rate of pay also tends to be lower than acute care. That being said psych and rehab facilities are often short of good nurses and have jobs available even in this economy.

    I don't know where in LA you are but I'm posting a list of rehab resources in your state for you or anyone else who is interested.

    Peace and Namaste


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