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Thread: The Medicine Wheel

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    The Medicine Wheel

    The Medicine Wheel is a sacred symbol to many NAI for it embodies many native concepts and teachings. For many NAI (and non NAI), it has been used successfully in Addiction recovery work. Most folks are familiar with AA's 12 Steps. For many NAI, AA is found lacking, non native, and fails to connect with them as a people. The Medicine Wheel has been a most welcome alternative to AA.

    The Medicine Wheel ( or the Cross Roads ) is the primary centering piece for all things in life. From it we have the four directions to balancing our lives. When one point of the Medicine Wheel is out of balance, an individual will be sick. The four balance points are Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. With these points the NAI live in harmony with the land and others around them.
    sometimes one needs to listen with the heart just as much as with the ears.

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    Sometimes, I get too emotional that it stresses me out. Other than that, everything is fine with me. Do you have any suggestion to help me control my emotional well being?

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