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Thread: Nurse residency programs

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    Nurse residency programs

    I know how hard it is to find jobs now, especially in this economy. Most jobs require 1-3 years of work experience, and it's frustrating for new graduates to find new resources.

    I had found this website - which has actually given me a lot of great information on programs offering nurse residency programs with information on the duration; responsibilities and other related topics such as scholarships.

    Frankly speaking, I'm sorry if this looks like spam - But this website has actually helped me and several of my other nursing friends which is the reason I am sharing it.

    I am just hoping that some of you will find it helpful.

    Sincerely, Chris

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    Hi, Chris, and welcome to UltimateNurse!

    I thank you for your first post. It is far from 'spam', but I did also copy it to a more appropriate Forum. Hope you don't mind!


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