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Thread: ABCs for All Ages

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    ABCs for All Ages

    It's good advice for nurses. It was wrote by Eileen P. Williamson, RN, MSN.
    Perioperative nurses can use ABCs to remember professional priorities..I like it!!

    ccountability is responsibility truly understood.
    Be a mentor always and a protege often.
    Commit yourself to being fully committed.
    Dress like a professional, and you’ll be treated like one.
    Earn your credentials, then spend them wisely.
    Find growth in each day of your practice.
    Go that extra step even after that extra mile.
    Have time for the youngest nurse and the eldest patient.
    Involve yourself in your work; invest yourself in your patients.
    Judge fairly, decide firmly — but first think clearly.
    Know your own weaknesses and your colleagues’ strengths.
    Listen to patients and talk with staff.
    Manage time and resources, but lead people.
    No task is too small, no time too short to help a team member.
    Offer the best of your skills to the newest of nurses.
    Power is a privilege, not a position.
    Question everything when patient safety is at stake.
    Remember always the trust patients have placed in you.
    Start each shift with a smile, an assessment and a plan.
    Teach well; it forever will be part of your practice.
    Understanding must be at the core of caring.
    Value forever who you are and what you do.
    What you practice means more than what you preach.
    Xerox the successes of your colleagues, and erase their failures.
    You can go anywhere and do anything; the secret is to begin.
    Zeal for nursing lies in your fervor for your patients.

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    This post is awesome! I hope you don't mind that I copy it to another Forum?

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    No problem..I copied it from another website and I think it will be good and can share for everyone..

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