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Thread: Proposed budget cuts = fewer jobs in Montana nursing homes

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    Proposed budget cuts = fewer jobs in Montana nursing homes

    Sounds familiar:

    Proposed budget cuts by the governor could cost the jobs of many workers in nursing homes across the state, according to the Montana Health Care Association.

    A spokeswoman says one-time funding that was placed in the budget two years ago was cut in the governor's budget plan. She says it and could be devastating to the more than 83 nursing homes and in-home health care programs statewide.

    "I think the message to the governor and the Legislature is that nursing homes will not be able to survive with $16 million less in their pockets over the next biennium than they have in their pockets now, and that it will affect the quality of care and it will affect our workers around the state," Montana Heath Care Association Executive Director Rose Hughes said.

    Hughes says the cuts would be added to federal cuts anticipated in Medicare.

    She says about 60 percent of the funding comes from federal funds and 10 percent from state funds. The other 30 percent is from private care patients.

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    Yep, happening in TX, IL....all over. That's how the older generation is being treated.

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