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Community nurses are at the heart of essential health services. Their comprehensive assessments, care plans and treatments help clients get well at home.

Patients no longer requiring care that a hospital provides are being discharged quickly to their home community. Clients in the community can, at times, avoid hospitalization if community-based services are readily available for them.

In the current health-care environment, community nurses offer specialized knowledge to provide the care that ultimately helps people avoid hospitalization, heal in their homes, or die at home with comfort and dignity.

These nurses work independently and in collaboration with physicians, nurse practitioners, allied health colleagues, community support staff and volunteers to meet the complex needs of their clients. The work is diverse, ranging from wound treatment to chronic disease education, to administration of medications and treatments such as chemotherapy.

Home health care has become one of the most reasonable and cost-effective ways to provide effective and efficient health care while contributing to system sustainability. In Hamilton, community nurses have been vital members of the local health-care team since Adelaide Hoodless, Hamilton’s first VON nurse, began community visits in 1899.

During National Nursing Week, May 9-15, it is important to recognize community nursing professionals for their dedication and important contributions to health care.