Hi there,

Iam new to this forum so please bear with me. I am in the process of completing an MSN program specializing in nursing education. This will be a relatively new adventure for me as I have only taught 2 semesters of clinical for first-year RN students-no classroom instruction.I am interested in "picking" an experienced nurse educator's brain in order to get a better feel for what motivates one in this particular area of practice.I would bemost grateful if anyone could spare the time to answer the following questions:

What is your experience with curriculum planning? Program planning?

In what ways have you made use of the organization's mission, philosophy, and/or organizing framework in developing a program or curriculum?

In what ways have you made use of standards, regulations, and accreditation requirements in developing a program or curriculum? Which specific ones have you used and why?

What advice would you give a new educator on how to design, implement, and evaluate an assigned course so that it is supports the objectives of the program and curriculum?