For years, students at Radford University have had numerous degree options, but until recently, you had to go somewhere else to get your doctorate.

DeEtta Compton finished her degree in August, the first of two in the history of the university.

"It will be nice to be recognized," said Compton.

The other is Faye Lyons, who alongside her classmate worked hard for the degree.

"We spent many long nights in front of the computer together and on the phone you know til 1 a.m.," said Lyons.

"We became great friends and i'm sure we'll stay great friends. there's nobody that knows what you're going through, other than somebody who is going through it with you," said Compton.

Not only can the university now tout a pair of doctoral degrees, but both women have jobs in the New River Valley.

Both women grew up in the NRV and work for Carilion Clinic taking care of patients as nurse practitioners, Lyons is in Hillsville, while Compton is in Christiansburg.

"They breed us when they are educating us , they want a lot to stay in the area so i did undergrad, grad and doctorate at Radford and have worked for carilion most of the time," said Compton.

"We've settled here and it was very important for me to stay here and we don't have any plans of going anywhere," said Lyons.

It is example university officials hope future students will follow.