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Thread: Nursing students rollcall

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    Nursing students rollcall


    I am interested in finding out what nursing schools some of my fellow students are attending. I have been working as a LPN for the past 7 yrs and have not officially started the RN program yet. I was supposed to start at ITT Tech in Orland Park, Il right outside of Chicago on Sept. 12th but due to an issue with my transcripts not arriving in time to be evaluated I had no choice but to wait until the Dec. 5th class to start. I would like to know how old you are and what type of nursing programs everyone is in whether it be LPN, ADN, Diploma,etc and the name of the school.


    btw I'm a 36 yr old LPN and ITT Tech for RN

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    Not a student, but an SXU grad. Did the LPN to BSN bridge.

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