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Thread: Promotion in the Army Reserve possible?

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    Promotion in the Army Reserve possible?

    I am an ADN nurse who would like to join the army reserves. I have spoken to an AMEDD recruiter and was told I need my BSN to join the reserves. I am startin school in Jan, its an RN to MSN program so I won't be able to join as an officer for two years! I dont want to wait.

    My questions is, can I enlist in the army reserves and then get direct commioned as an officer once I have my MSN? Or will I have to stay as enlisted the entire time?

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    This depends. You would apply for a commission once you are eligible. The service may or may not accept your application at that time. In the event they disapprove your application, you would be obligated to fulfill your enlistment unless your enlistment contract stated otherwise.

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