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Thread: Crazy for wanting to go enlisted route?!?!?!

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    Crazy for wanting to go enlisted route?!?!?!

    I am an ADN nurse and am thinking about enlisting in the army reserve. I will be starting my RN to MSN program in jan and just dont want to wait the over 2 years it would take me to finish. I know I woud have to go through basic traning and I would not be considered an nurse in the reserves until I finish school and somehow obtain my direct commission. Does this sound crazy? Is it so much better to just wait? In need of any advice!![/B]

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    The military is an excellent way to get useful work experience. Your plan is not crazy at all. Your RN license should assist you in getting a medical job in the military even if you can not get a commission as a nurse until you finish your MSN. But even if you were, say, a PhD or an MD, if your military job is "chief cook and bottle washer", then that is your title in the military. Lots of people work at certain jobs in the military that are not even related to professional or trade licenses/certifications/skills that they possess in civilian life. Do your research and don't be swayed by those who say that you have to wait. Check into possible programs that will let you go from enlisted to officer once you obtain a BSN/MSN. You might be able to find a program that will assist you to pay for your education and that would be added incentive. Good luck.

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