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Thread: potential new traveler with several concerns

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    potential new traveler with several concerns

    Hi, travel nursing has been in the back of my mind since I started school but once I graduated fear engulfed me. I am at that point where I can no longer handle Ohio snow and thought perhaps it is time. My biggest concern is I only have 2.5 yrs. nursing experience on a short term observation floor, aka. the chest pain floor. Though I am a telemetry certified nurse I worry that I will find myself not only on a much more acute floor but with co-workers unwilling to assist with anything I don't know. What should I expect as far as team work and nurse/patient ratios. I'm concerned that there is a reason that all these hospitals need travels; because no one local will work in those conditions. A recruiter told me that I will only be placed in my comfort zone but if I show up for guaranteed hours and they are over staffed that day won't I be the first to float to another unit? I feel my youth and lack of responsibility makes this the perfect time for travel but would a company be upset to find I've only seen a trach once in my career? Thanks for any advice.

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    [B]You don't have enough experience.[/B]
    You need medical surgical as you will float even if they tell you otherwise. Recruiters will tell you things that are not true.
    You may or may not get team help during a crisis, they may be too busy.. I've been places that no one will even talk to you let alone HELP. Except for the Rapid Response Team, but, still you have to do everything, call the Dr., give the meds, etc. It's all up to the primary..
    So, with that said, get yourself on a med/surg floor and gain more experience.

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