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Thread: Back in school

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    Back in school

    Hi I am a returning adult student, starting my second career in nursing. I have about 2 years to go in school. Any advice on managing the time demands of school and family?

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    A lot depends on the kind of family you have and what support system is in place. It's much harder if you have young children at home. But if you have a spouse or partner to help with the everyday stuff so you can focus on school it helps.

    Make yourself some kind of schedule and stick to it. Paper plates are great and you don't have to wash them so that's one chore off your back. Stay current with your assignments because if you fall behind it's murder catching up. Check out the sticky notes in this section for tips and suggestions on resources you can tap to make studying easier.

    Hang on tight and don't let go it only takes two years but it is so worth it. I went back to school at 38 with a new marriage and baby at home - I thought I was going to die of exhaustion but I did it. You can do it too.

    Good luck,

    Peace and Namaste


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    Thanks that was nice response.

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