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Thread: Sexual Harrashment towards Men in the nursing profession!

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    I wish it was that simple.
    I can't wait to get to clinicals, but in my current job where I work with a lot of women, I've been called Honey, Sweetie, and all kinds of other terms of endearment, but it doesn't bother me at all. I figure that's just the way women express themselves. It certainly beats the names I was called as a cop.

    Even in the setting that I work in, it's not unusual for some of the women I work with to come up and give me a hug or allow me to put my arms around them without first asking permission. That's just the atmosphere that I work in. Having said that, there are women that I don't work that closely with, but I know, and while I address them by their first name, I would't just arbitrarly put my arms around them because they haven't presented that kind of openess to me. It goes back to 20 years in law enforcement, if an individual sets a certain tone with me, I will reciprocate. In other words, if your friendly to me, I'm friendly to you. Treat me badly, and I respond in kind.

    But having worked with a lot of women, and having only had two comeon to me, I'm more inclined to believe that because women are by nature more open and willing to express themselves then men, they are more likely to express themselves through terms of endearment and touching. In my opinion, it simply goes back to the way men and women are mentally wired. As for the women that were wanting to be a little more intimate, I told one that I didn't like to share, and the other one, her leg was too heavy. Didn't hear anything more from them.

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    Agreed. While there will always be people looking for drama, we are treated the same way that we treat others. I like to touch people but do think it's wise to keep to our instincts about people and keep the button-pushers at safe distance.


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    I try to avoid drama, which includes avoiding those who like to create drama. It makes life a whole lot easier.

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