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    Hello I am new here.....can't find a job....willing to move anywhere in texas.

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    It took me 50 applications,9 interviews, and finally one understanding person to get a job. Sound bad? Not really. That was in a 30d time span. You just have to put out the effort. Be patient and hang in there. Think outside the box. Long term care, psychiatric, and correctional facilities usually have a greater shortage of nurses and are more willing to take a chance on us. A lot of places use nurses for medical records now, which involves no narcs, etc. You can do this!!! Remember to be honest, grateful, and humble, and you WILL get a job! Always here for you, Kris

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    It's always tough to find job anywhere nowadays, however, don't get discourage right away! I hear a lot of stories of new RN's getting a jobafter a lot of rejections! Be patient and persistent

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