i am an RN that just got my license back after TONS of hard work and a year and a half of sobriety, hoop jumping, and determination. I am now confronted with how hard it is to get a job because the OBN doesnt want to make it very easy. I only have a restriction that requires me to ask for permission before I am in manage ment, hospice, or travel nursing positions, but NO narcotic restrictions because my issue was strictly alcohol so they didnt place anything else on my license. I had 6 years sober and began drinking and having problems at the three jobs I was working at the same time. After ruining relationships with them, I called the OBN and voluntarily admitted to my problem, surrendered my license, and got an attorney. now that I have my license, i cannot get my foot in the door to any employers. I am hoping and open interview gets me in the door to Davita tomorrow. All of my experinces are in CVICU, SICU, MICU, step-down. The last time i worked as a nurse was the end of 2008, but at that point i had TNCC, ACLS, BLS, certified in transplantation patients and IABP. I have a vast knowledge, but the board forces any new empoyer to call them and talk to them, so when employers go to the board website to verify that I am a currently licensed nurse, it doesnt even list me. I have called all the rehabs in the area as well as crisis centers. I am in Akron, Ohio area and i just vacilate between giving up and not wanting to give up because i have worked so hard. I also wanted to see if anyone tried to go to school to get a Master's degree while with a consent agreement and if trhat worked. I speak Spanish fluently, nursing is my second degree, and i would like to be a NP that utilizes my Spanish.

Thanks for any help and suggestions for me!

Thank You,