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Thread: is it common practice ? or should we get the KY jelly

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    Arrow is it common practice ? or should we get the KY jelly

    ok here it goes.
    To start with I am not the nurse, but have been given (appointed for a better word) the duties of Manager (LOL) for the research of agencies, accommodations, pay, incentives, etc. etc. that are associated with travel nurse en devour (except for assignment locations, that is for discussion ) LOL

    As a retired veteran and a stay home dad I've been volunteered in the past,( the arm for Phlebotomy practice, assessments,wound care, etc. etc. you all know the road that leads to RN LOL) My wife a RN,BSN with 3 years exp. ( ICU,Med surg. renal and OR) after a 4 12 hrs shift, does not need to stress her self out, so I'll introduce my self to you all and ask questions from all you seasoned nurses, so please do chime in all responses are very welcome . thanks

    Being new ( no assignment completed yet) trying to educate myself on this industry, ok here it goes.
    1 posted the availability to start traveling

    2 with in minutes the phone beguined to ring ( for 3 days)

    3 one recruiter was pleasant ( the wife spoke with her) and set an interview

    4 passed the interview and discussed an assignment ( being the very first one we tried close to home(275 miles))

    5 they offered an ok hourly wage

    6 they offered lodging at La Quinta and a few Hotels of the same caliber (average of $54 a day) for an 8 week assignment

    7 decided that the accommodations were not quite what we liked

    8 told the recruiter that

    9 recruiter came back with " you can find your own lodging is you want " ( politely)

    10 asked the recruiter for $$ allocated (stipend)

    11 recruiter came back with " the budget for lodging is $447 per week"

    12 decided that maybe we should incur the difference from what they offered and what we wanted ( settled for a candle suites $ 65 a night)

    13 they asked that my wife sign a preliminary contract ( the original contract will be provided for signing after the drug testing)

    14 the quest for finding a drug testing facility was left to us ( they did not know where to send her)

    15 received a call fro davita ( my had worked for Da vita in the past, years ago as a tech) the regional manager

    16 seems that they where in need so he ask to expedite the process ( all of this happened within a week 4 days so far)

    17 she received a starting date ( 2 weeks from now in order to give proper notice to her present employer)

    18 I found this site and started to learn from all the postings ( by the way thank goodness for who started this site )

    so here I sit asking for all you nurses input is the preliminary contract SOP ? ( standard operating procedure ) at present I'm waiting for the recruiter to call back, want to ask if the accidentals and others are included in the hourly wage they quoted her ( read somewhere that staffing companies have pulled that on nurses before) for there is no mentioned of that $$ anywhere.

    is that preliminary contract enforceable ? or should we just simply break out the KY Jelly and take it LOL

    I am sure I'll be posting more ??? for as I am exposed to a new facts my stupid level increases .
    thanks again PLEASE PLEASE chime in, teach the ignorant ones (ME)

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    Quote Originally Posted by amygarside View Post
    Contracts would be different per agency.
    understandable, but usually there a common practices
    some items in a contract would raise a red flag for those who know, others like me at this time that have not been exposed to such would be clueless
    other concerns is the stipend being kind of low I think, breaks down to $11.17 an hour
    also I noticed a box that states "By signing this agreement, I agree to accept this assignment for which I am interviewing and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, I shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit for employment or hire, or attempt to solicit for employment or hire, any person who is employed by or under independent contract with ___________ "
    thanks for responding

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    I never signed a preliminary contract. I've read them and made changes.. SHOW ME THE MONEY Is housing stipend paid monthly, separate check, and is it separate from hourly wages?
    Company should have researched drug testing center for you.
    Housing amount ok.
    Does not sound organized

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