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Thread: Nursing Assistant on Resume?

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    Thumbs up Nursing Assistant on Resume?

    Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant" to prove that you at least finished school even though you did not pass exams? Is one in a better position to get a personal care aide/caregiver job over someone who did not attend cna school?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amygarside View Post
    I think that is misleading. It might not be a good impression with the employer if they found out you have not pass the exams yet. It would be better to just mention that you were able to finish it but not yet pass the exam.
    Okay thanks, my nerves got the best of me and I know I will pass!

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    No ! You cannot put you are a nursing assistant on resume...because they will want your license # or some proof. etc.
    but you can put that you completed a program and waiting to retake the exam.
    Meanwhile, you can work as a personal caregiver...
    Don't EVER , EVER MISPREPRESENT credentials, because you will end up with no opportunity to become licensed or be accepted to nursing school,
    You could be reported to the state board and suffer big consequences for misrepresentation!

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    Hi TexasAide,

    When you write your resume stick with the truth. It is very important. If you tell something untrue on your resume and it comes out later you will not be hired because the hiring manager/recruiter cannot trust you. I know that many advise to write a resume so that it shows your good sides and hides the dark spots, but there are other ways.

    Now, in your special case: if you have the time try to get a volunteering position in the facility where you want to start as a CNA. You work for free, but it will help you a lot to get the CNA job when you have passed the exam.


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