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Thread: Study helpp!!!

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    Study helpp!!!

    What should I use to study for the Nclex. I'm not a big book person, so I was looking at study apps like ATI, Kaplan and others. I found this one called NCLEX Mastery, It had some good reviews has anyone else used it an what are some others I should be looking at!

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    I heard about that from some classmates, they were ravign about it. Anyone try it?

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    I bought it about a week ago after trying the free version. Easily worth the $29
    It is way better than the other apps I tried (kaplan, saunders, ati). great nclex questions and mnemonics.

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    Chicago nurse knows what they're talking about! I completely agree with the analysis of nclex apps (or lack of good ones)

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    Bump! anyone who has tried some of these apps would agree with Chicagonurse

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