I am a college senior, getting my B.S. in Community Health. Throughout my college career, I have taught health education classes, created health education programs, and worked in patient education and migrant outreach. I am currently a CNA at a non-profit for low-income HIV/AIDS residents where I am delegated tasks by an RN (medicine, glucose checks, insulin, etc.). I feel that I have done more volunteer work than the average ELMSN candidate. What I am worried about is my grades:

Cumulative: 3.2
Last 60 credits:3.7
Science GPA (stats, A&P, micro): 3.5

I still have to take the GRE and the TEAS (potentially, depending on school). I am looking to go to a school with a great program (obviously) but also a school that will consider my volunteer work and essay statement as an important part of my application. I have a list of schools that I am looking at, and I am taking time off after I graduate to explore each school, the pre-reqs, strengths of the program, nursing paths offered, etc. BUT I would like to know the opinion of those have been in the application process longer than I have. So, what do you think?