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Thread: Can Hep B carrier become a nurse?

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    Question Can Hep B carrier become a nurse?

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Dan (26rs), and I'm going to attend to LNV program this September.
    I'm a Hep B carrier. I hadn't worried about that as I first start my nursing required classes. Recently some people told me that it is possible but not easy for Hep B carrier people to find jobs in health care careers.
    I'm living in California.
    So, anyone who has worked as a nurse or known about this please let me know the truth about it.
    Thanks very much for your time!

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    Welcome to the site!

    Yeah, you might encounter some difficulty finding a job, but if you are up front about things....I really see no problems at all.

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    Thank you very much! I'll try my best ^^!

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    That's what non-discrimination laws are for. I did a quick search though, and the only thing I saw that may be of concern would be if you wanted to specialize into a profession in which you would be exposed to exposure prone procedures, like midwifery, oral health, or the OR. Also, don't forget about out of hospital jobs like pharmaceutical rep, insurance companies, etc.

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