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Thread: About PBDS Test Redux

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    About PBDS Test Redux

    Again....the links provided by a former member here does NOT work, d/t copyrights. The following posts are the ONLY information that can be found.



    OK....did find this:

    How Do I Prepare For The PBDS?

    Before we discuss how to prepare, let' first focus on the good news. To qualify as a traveler, you must have at least 1 year current experience in your area of specialty. In all likelihood, you have several years experience. So, you know your job, the typical patient population you serve, and the disease processes you will encounter in your specialty. While taking the PBDS, you will be able to call on this experience to guide you through.

    While taking the PBDS, you will have to consider all aspects of the nursing process. For example: You will be shown a video simulation. You will be expected to identify the problem, determine what you believe the physician will order based on the information provided, and assess what interventions you will need to take and prioritize them in order of importance. You will need to do all this while giving consideration to patient safety, use of equipment, team building, customer satisfaction and any potential conflicts that might arise and how to resolve them.

    The test also focuses on what a prudent nurse must do, should do, and could do in a given situation.

    When answering the questions, remember to write down every step you would take to promote the best outcome for the scenario. For example: Your patient's morning blood sugar level is 40. Your patient is cold, pale, diaphoretic, anxious, and experiencing nausea. You would probably: put the patient in bed, give some orange juice, notify the physician, hold the morning glucophage, order another blood glucose level, and document the care. Remember all is usually the small routine actions that get overlooked. Think in terms of a step by step manner and your rationale for each step.

    Refresh your memory on traditional patient diagnoses that you would see in your specialty area. Start with the head and work down, covering all systems and related disease processes.

    Also think of some interpersonal scenarios' that might occur in your department: What would you do if you witnessed another nurse being verbally abusive to a patient. How would you respond if your charge nurse asked you to orient another nurse?

    *** The PBDS does not use multiple choice questioning***

    Remember to remain calm, take deep breaths and rely on your nursing knowledge and experience. Just trust yourself and don't let anxiety get the best of you.
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