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Students at Spokane Community College are worried about changes to the admissions process for the nursing program. Some students said they’re losing out after spending months on a waiting list.

Late this afternoon, students came to an information session to learn more about the new admissions process for Spokane Community College’s nursing program. Many were not happy by the decision to remove a wait list to get into the program.

"I’ve already been on the waiting list 15 months now, just feels like it's always something else and I feel like I'm not going to get there,” said potential nursing student, John Carlson.

Admissions employees said they had to make the changes to keep the program accredited. They also say the old process often made students wait longer than they will under the new system.

Spokane Community College has one of the largest nursing programs in the state. They take in 50 students in the fall and again in the spring. Right now, students who meet a grade point requirement get on a wait list and eventually into the program. That wait list could take up to two years.

Now those wait listed students will instead have to apply to the program. Many students are upset that they have spent so long waiting on the list to now learn that they have to apply again in the competitive process.

Staff said the average national test scores were dropping and they needed to make this change and be more selective to improve the quality of students.