There's a service called that I stumbled across last year! When you register for the service they immediately start checking you in to your random tests every morning. If you're selected for testing, they will contact you!! They even have an option that you get a text every morning just to show you've been checked in. It's really great and you'll never miss a call again! I think a lot of people I speak to like to have it just for their backup, like an insurance policy. If they forget, then there's always the backup. I had missed 4 calls in 2011 and right after I signed up, I haven't missed one since! I actually tracked down the guys who started this to thank them SO much for helping us nurses out. I'm actually working there now part time for support!! They offer it to anyone who has to check in for tests. I can't even begin to tell you how many lawyers they have registered!!! LOL Check out the website and tell them Amber sent ya! I may be the one who sets you up! :-) The website is