Hey to all!
I was a Travel RN for 7 yrs and LOVED it! I have since had to stop due to family obligations. But when I did travel I would check the forums about different areas and companies. I would look for the good, the bad, and the ugly!!! I have been a RN for 29yrs. and have loved it the whole time! My daughter is now a RN and is traveling. She is learning the hard way! She signed with EMERALD COAST travel nurse and has been completely lied to! First they had her come out a week early for her assignment to do hospital orientation. In the meantime she could not work at all. The company knew this but did not tell her. The *stipend* was witheld since she *didn't work*. So here she sits in a strange place with no income for a week. They do not have any corporate deals lined up for reforce the contractntal cars so that cost a fortune. She has been promised guaranteed hours and as much OT as she wants.... Neither were true. As the weeks went on she NEVER GOT A FULL STIPEND if any due to LOOP HOLES in the contract!!!! Well she stuck it out and completed the contract. Honestly I would have left! I NEVER broke a contract in 7 yrs. They would call her all the time while setting the assignment up but if there was a problem with her pay or being cancelled for guaranteed shifts THEY were not available. They had a voice mail you could leave or a email to send to...... which they did not answer or address. All in all worst company ever!!! I have alot of friends that still travel and I am sending out warnings to them too. I just wanted to post so that anyone interested in travel nursing would not get BURNED BY THIS COMPANY!!!!! PS .... her contract got cancelled by the hospital because they didn't need travelers anymore and the company did not even attempt to enforce the contract!!! And if you are a traveler you know that normally means 24 HRS to vacate. Well they did give her 48 HRS but left her high and dry w/o a job or place to stay for a week!!!! Good luck to all!!! It can be a wonderful experience just not with this company!