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Thread: Hi!!! Newbie here!

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    Red face Hi!!! Newbie here!

    Hiya! I posted a thread in the "Pre-Nursing Forum;" however, I figured that I should, of course, introduce myself as well! I will most likely be active on here from time to time, so I just wanted to say HI! My name is Eden (on here anyway ); I'm 26. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is also my best friend. I was a nursing assistant for 5 or 6 years right out of high school but ended up resigning from that profession once I fell chronically ill AND my mother became sick with cancer. Although I never felt well myself, I dedicated my life to taking care of my mom day and night while she was home/ not in the hospital. She just lost the big fight last year.

    I enjoy volunteering in the community in my spare time. I LOVE animals, I have two ferrets who are sweet as pie; they're like the children that I don't have. I'm a nurturer to the bone and always need something to love and take care of. I'm a 4.0 community college student, just taking my basic classes with an LPN intent to start out. My favorite thing is to learn and I plan on continuing to do so all of my life!

    It's nice to meet everyone!


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    Welcome to the site, Eden!

    I am sorry to hear of your mothers' passing; seems to me that you have learned alot during her fight against cancer.

    As for starting out as an LPN: Good idea! Some of us nurses have done the same 'learn and earn' path.

    Hope to see you around as often as possible,


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    Thanks a heap, Cat

    As for starting out LPN, well, as I had talked about in my other thread, I have a lot of physical ailments and I figure to start out as an LPN would allow me to get my feet wet and see if I can land a job in which I can physically handle.

    It's nice to meet you!


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    Hi Eden. Welcome to the site.

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    Thank you for your forum discussion post. That is awesome that you are in nursing school. The 4.0 GPA that you have right now is also very awesome. You are working so very hard and I think that is great. I also loved you mentioning about your ferrets. I like ferrets as well as long as they are not loose. Keep up the good work in nursing. I know you can do it. I want to say, "Welcome to you." My name is duanne and the best thing that I can tell you on the forum is to be yourself and write what you are feeling about which you have already have.

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