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Thread: OK, anyone else have thoughts on this?

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    OK, anyone else have thoughts on this?

    We pretty much heard about that lady who got shot in DC. Post partum Depression/Psychosis, etc.

    First off, did anyone else hear that she'd lost her job? Ok, that means problems with obtaining insurance....obviously.

    Secondly, does anyone else think that she did, in fact, know what she was doing?

    I feel that, despite her depression/psychosis, she knew that something was going on, and was trying to bring attention to things...even though it was NOT the right way to do it.


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    A woman in my city did about the same thing. She basically committed suicide by cop. It was horrible. On both sides. How can you kill someone holding an airsoft pistol (bb gun really). In any case, no I don't think she was thinking clearly but even in my own most darkened days, which were pretty nasty, I knew what I was doing. I think we rationalize things and justify actions so we can not care about consequences. How we get to that place though is a loooong dark road IMO.

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