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    Treated poorly by a recruiter. I asked to be removed from email/call list. So what happens? OMG!! The constant calls and emails. 14 of each in one day. I called his boss and asked that he have the harassment stopped. The recruiter emails me and tells me his boss says it is okay to harass me! Can you believe this? I am an experienced traveler and never have I ever had to be afraid of a recruiter/travel company before. This recruiter went to all social media sites and emailed me about every one of the sites and my posts, tweets. Now I have to be afraid for my family! Just bizarre insane behavior from a recruiter and a company. Clearly he knew I was in contact with his boss to tell me that his boss doesn't mind.
    Do yourself a favor and when you are contacted by this company do not respond Don't even let them know you exist

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    You should consult with an attorney about the feasibility of obtaining a restraining order against these people.

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