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Thread: What happened to this forum?

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    What happened to this forum?

    It's dead.

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    Ultmate Nurse

    Quote Originally Posted by BiggerAl View Post
    It's dead.
    The professional nurses are considered as the right hand of the doctors. This is fastest growing occupation in the US and they comprise the majority population in the healthcare industry. Nurses may work in the general and surgical hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing care facilities, outpatient facilities and home health services. In general, they can go anywhere where healthcare is needed. This website needs to be updated so because this can be an important reference for nursing students and professionals. T

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    Surprised to still be able to find this site at all, even though it is long dead. Just tried to visit another site and found that it has disappeared. When people don't participate in these sites they go away. Although in this case it is understandable. The site is next to impossible to find because the link does not open directly on the site landing page. Nobody is going to bother to look around to find it unless they stumble upon it accidentally. Then they see that the site is dead.

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    Just checked out another site, and it too, is now gone. Somebody forgot to bother with this site or it would be physically gone too. A shame that it is not made accessible.

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