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Thread: "Scrubs Fit For Night Shift"

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    "Scrubs Fit For Night Shift"

    Just clicked on a Jaanuu banner ad with this headline and looked around. While I saw some very nice looking scrubs, I didn't see what the reference to night shift was about. I also saw some very "nice" prices as well as model-slim pictures. None of those scrub tops or bottoms looked like they were designed for someone with a less than perfect figure. Oh well.

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    Well, that didn't take long! Visited another site on the net and an ad for Jaanuu appeared on the side panel showing a plus size model. Clicked on that pic and it was for a top in sizes 1X through 3X. Wonder if that just happened, or if my previous post here was read and "acted" upon. The lengths they will go to, to get one's business!

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    That has happened to me, also. I head to site 'XYZ', and have their ads show up on side panels.

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